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Watch: "Call Me By Your Fruit"

Food was used in pretty startling ways on the big screen in 2017. Tea was in those hypnotic cups that sent black people to the Sunken Place in Get Out. Poisonous mushrooms plagued the characters of Phantom Thread and The Beguiled. Not to mention, A Ghost Story made us watch Rooney Mara eat half a pie in a single take that lasted almost five minutes.

Yet, the most memorable -- and outrageous -- use of food in the cinema of 2017 was...sexual. Yes, sexual. And not just in one movie, but two movies! Tiffany Haddish demonstrated oral sex on a banana (that was being gripped by a cut open grapefruit) in Girls Trip, while Timothée Chalamet climaxed into a peach in Call Me By Your Name. If only Jason Biggs knew he would be a trailblazer for fucking an apple pie back in 1999's American Pie.

Enjoy the NSFW (or not safe for lunch?) video below. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "food porn."