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Watch: MIDTOYSOMMAR (Trailer mashup of TOY STORY 4 and MIDSOMMAR)

While watching Josh Cooley 's Toy Story 4 --  perhaps the bleakest entry of the series (and that's not a bad thing) -- I remembered how insanely serious this Pixar flagship really is. I'm not kidding. Remember the theme of mortality during that incinerator scene in Toy Story 3 ? This is heavy stuff for the targeted children audience. Toy Story 4 is no different — but instead of death it looks closely at the next scariest thing: breaking up with someone. In a lot of ways, this is *the* Woody entry in the film series, giving him a complete, fully-focused arc. Woody is poised with the dilemma of having to break up with Bonnie, his kid owner. And the ending is surprising and moving. Then, making a complete 180-degree turn is Ari Aster 's upcoming "horror" film Midsommar . I haven't seen Midsommar yet...but I fully intend to, especially since I regard Aster's Hereditary as the best film of 2018. So, as many cinephiles can relate, I've been readi