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"The Professionalism About Movies Will Be Destroyed Forever"

Hollywood has produced its fair share of disaster movies. How about one where the independents destroy the archaic financing, production and distribution methods of Tinseltown? I'm sure Roland Emmerich could throw something together there.  As we continue to grow and mature as a new generation of innovative digital filmmakers, we're learning more about crowdfunding , are chiseling out bare truths behind film distribution and are solidifying ourselves as trendsetters in a social media-heavy world . Considering all of this, it's (very, very!) invigorating to step back and see this larger, historical narrative play out. Consider the following two filmmaker interview clips.   (1991: Francis Ford Coppola, from Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse ) Here Coppola imagines a world where the filmmaking tools have been democratized. We all know this would eventually happen. And because this has happened, it wouldn