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What Our Micro Industry Needs: More Story Drivers

Pillars are integral instruments to sustaining viable foundations. I'm not telling you anything new there. Yet, in our arena of DIY moviemaking, culture refining and trendsetting, this idea of "pillars" is becoming more of a dire thirst and essential element.The reason is because it's easy to get lost in all the hub bub of day-to-day developments in our new media landscape. Whether it's a new viable force on the distribution front or an aggressive hypothesis on how to crack the current distrib-infrastructure, what we usually are presented with is solely "situation." What we need more of are calculated perspectives and forward-thinking game-plans.

Film Courage offered some useful feedback on the recent DIY Days but what we must never take for granted are the bullhorn-grabbing orators and innovators who are sharing their story. Below are two presentations that I consider to be essential viewings. The first is by Michael Margolis, the guru behind and the second is by Thomas Mai, veteran film sales agent.