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The New Independent And The Vitality Of A Liquid Network

Maybe it started with the Democratization of film. Maybe the Internet was destined to be the revised distribution and exhibition system. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: This is the most exciting and daring time for independent cinema.

This Steven Johnson video has been circulating the net for a bit and its content should resonate with every independent artist, content creator and financier. The notion of having a "liquid network" is quite radical when you consider how much we believe in guarding our secrets. Even social networks like Facebook, tend to be more competitive than collaborative -- I have more fans than you do! or My trailer link got more 'Likes'!

The bottom line is this: Moving forward in this wild west landscape, known as "independent moviemaking," I feel it is vital that we not only continue to work together but we must also be open to fucking up in front of each other. Drop that iron curtain. Say whatever is on the tip of your tongue. Take a risk and pitch a concept. Shake some bushes. SHARE YOUR STORY. Lets create an open online incubator for ideas, works-in-progress, fears, completed projects and all things indie so that we become our OWN content curators. By doing this, I believe, we are going to shape the new foundation for indie film production and exhibition.

Join me.