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"I Just Like To Make Things"

The need for neoauteurs is great. Probably more needed than ever. And not for conventional reasons of industry argument either (e.g. to exist as the antidote to such Tinseltown dreck as Avatar or The Ugly Truth) but because this recent democratization of film has given birth to a wave of faux novice filmmakers who are more in love with their camera--and not their content. Our indie cinema needs more narrative risk takers and more artists challenging our perception of the world.

I'm not saying that there aren't any neoauteurs around right now but with filmmaking 2.0 being available at every corner, it seems that now is the most opportune time to really experiment with conventional form, delivery and method.

A few years back a colleague of mine, James Choi, managed to get a few questions in with one of my favorite filmmakers Harmony Korine down at the SXSW Festival. It's a gem of an interview because Korine plays his usual role as a subtle prankster, challenging our judgment of what is real and what isn't, until he finally arrives at why he makes films "independently."

Mister Lonely - Harmony Korine Interview from jcpov on Vimeo.

After watching this piece, isn't it liberating to see an artist so unphased by hype, the Hollywood machine and everything else that tends to weigh down the struggling independent artist? So just make your work. Any way you can.