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Watch: GOOD TIME BATMAN (Mashup trailer of GOOD TIME and THE BATMAN)

Robert Pattinson certainly has pivoted his acting career in the most prolific and profound way. Who would've thought the guy from Twilight would work with the likes of Cronenberg, Denis and Gray in just a handful of years?

I thought Pattinson deserved an Oscar nomination for his high-octane performance in the Safdie Brothers' masterpiece Good Time. In fact, Good Time was the first film reference that popped into my head while watching the new trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman (which Pattinson also stars in). There's a shot of his Bruce Wayne looking pensively near the edges of the screen at one point. That shot reminded me of Pattinson's character Connie in Good Time. Then my imagination took over and I wondered about a cinematic universe where maybe Connie was the estranged twin brother of Batman. And maybe Batman needed help. And maybe Connie was the only person who could go the extra mile.