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VIDEO: Top 25 Films of 2016

While many were quick to dismiss 2016 as an altogether terrible year--largely due to the year rounding out with TV celeb Donald Trump as the President Elect--it wasn't a throwaway year for the movies. During a time of national unrest and uncertainty, the narratives that graced the silver screen beamed with characters, ideas and themes of unfettered hope...for better or for worse. Whether it was the harsh lesson of growing up and having your heart broken ( Café Society ) or choosing to live a lie in exchange for short-term happiness ( The Light Between Oceans ), the individuals we followed in the cinema were the silver screen embodiment of our unabashed urges to make that jump, to take a leap of faith and step away from our secure existence and reach out to the unknown. The most striking image of the year came in Denis Villeneuve's Arrival , when linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) approached a white void in the form of an alien wall inside of a UFO vessel -- an almost perf