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The 30 Best Films of 2013

Anyone who tells you that 2013 wasn't a spectacular year for movies is either lying through their teeth or is someone who spent most of the year cooped up in their apartment watching episodic television on Netflix. Here go the 30 best films of the year. 30. Fruitvale Station - Directed by Ryan Coogler 29. Post Tenebras Lux - Directed by Carlos Reygadas 28. Side Effects - Directed by Steven Soderbergh 27. Room 237 - Directed by Rodney Ascher 26. Before Midnight - Directed by Richard Linklater 25. Lenny Cooke - Directed by Joshua and Ben Safdie 24. The Place Beyond The Pines - Directed by Derek Cianfrance 23. Blue Jasmine - Directed by Woody Allen 22. Nebraska - Directed by Alexander Payne 21. Mud - Directed by Jeff Nichols 20. Gravity - Directed Alfonso CuarĂ³n 19. The End of Love - Directed by Mark Webber 18. American Hustle - Directed by David O. Russell 17. Inside Llewyn Davis - Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen 16. Her - Directed by Spike J